Instructions To Fix A Squeaky Rocking Chair

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Instructions to Fix a Squeaky Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are a favorite in every house; the perfect place to relax after a tiring day at work. Apart from being extremely relaxing, there are many health benefits of a rocking chair. However, with time, the parts of the chair become loose and the result is an annoying squeaky noise; fortunately there are easy-fix solutions to take care of the noise. Before you take the chair for repair or throw it out, try these simple tips, it only takes a few minutes to repair a noisy rocking chair.

Tips for Repairing a Noisy Rocking Chair

Identify the Source of the Noise
To fix a rocking chair, you first need to identify the source of the noise. Get someone to sit on the chair and examine it, check the main dowels and joints. Is the noise from the chair or the floor underneath? You will notice that the chair does not make noise when still, this is because the squeak comes when parts rub together. More often than not, the noise is from the joint between the curved rockers that are on the floor and the wooden rods that fit into holes on top of it.

Tighten Loose Parts
Turn the chair over to access any loose parts. Tighten any screws that are loose using a screwdriver, similarly you can tighten a wrench using a bolt. Loose dowels can be taken care of in many ways. You can use wood glue in the joints; it expands on drying and puts an end to the squeak. Apply a small amount in the area and make sure you wipe off the excess with a cloth dipped in warm water, or else it will leave marks on the chair. Wood glue comes in a syringe shaped dispenser and is easily available at hardware stores. Similarly, you can also use paraffin wax to stick loose parts.

Lubricate Squeaky Joints
Creaky noise from joints can be taken care of by lubricating it. You can use ordinary non-stick cooking oil, it is less expensive and gives the same results as other oils. It is more convenient to use cooking oil spray to lubricate the joints. You can also try putting some melted candle wax into the joint. If this does not take care of the issue, pour some Murphy's oil soap on a cloth and rub on the squeaking wood. On steel hinges and other metal parts, spray some WD-40. Sometimes, the spring under the seat may be causing the squeak, you can lubricate it the same way.

Use Powder to Reduce Friction
Another quick fix is to use some talcum powder to take care of the noise. This is particularly useful if the chair is not on a carpet or rug. On hard floors such as wood, tiles and others, there may be a squeak due to friction between the chair and the hard floor. You can eliminate this friction, by sprinkling some powder on the floor below the chair. Also rubbing some powder into all the joints in the chair will prevent the squeaking noise in the future.

Fix Floor Squeak
Many a time, the board may be causing the noise. Step on each board to figure out the source of the noise. If it is due to the loose board, reinforce the board by using a screw or nail, you can also use some wood glue to tighten it. If it yet does not take care of the squeak, then you can try placing a carpet or a rug below the chair, this will help reduce the friction. If this does not work as well, then your only option is to move the chair to another location.

In addition, to the above mentioned instructions, if there are any old rusty pieces in the chair, you might want to consider replacing them. For any other cracks in the chair, wood glue works well. Follow these simple tips to ensure that your favorite rocking chair remains squeak free. You do not need to store it in the basement anymore, bring it out on the porch and enjoy the warm afternoons!

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